Marianne Pletscher has studied languages in Zurich, political sciences at Harvard University in Cambridge USA and film at the American Film Institute in Los Angeles.

She has worked as a reporter and documentary filmmaker for Swiss Television in all parts of the world for many years and has won so far 10 national and international prices. She was always very interested in intercultural collaboration and produced several films directly or indirectly with SDC (Swiss Development cooperation). She also took NADEL advanced training courses in development cooperation at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, section social sciences in Zurich. She has also worked as a documentary teacher at Swiss Television and at various film- and media-schools in Switzerland. She is continuously teaching workshops at the International Film- and Television  school in Cuba ECTV) and recently also taught in Nepal.

Her work includes about 50 one-hour long documentaries, many shorter ones and docu-series as director and producer. Since July 2011 she works as an independent film maker and journalist. She has recently published various photo/text-books together with photographer Marc Bachmann, augmenting the list of her books to 7.

Topics: refugees, old age, dementia, housing, violence against women (see list of books)

The films of Marianne Pletscher (selection)

2013Loving someone with dementia
   [SINN UND HOFFNUNG FINDEN im Umgang mit Demenzkranken
2013Der globale Zoo 3   
2013Sister Liliane Full of Care – A life for human dignity
   [Leiden schafft Pflege
2012from Afrika to Altdorf, Switzerland – (documentary, project)
   [Von Afrika nach Altdorf (Arbeitstitel)
2012Different hats, same boat – Drama workhop for dementia patients and their partners
   [Behütet ins gemeinsame Boot
2011Your Pain Is Also My Pain – When loved ones commit suicide
   [Dein Schmerz ist auch mein Schmerz
2010Living happily with Dementia? – a film on dementia-patients and those who take care of them
   [Glück im Vergessen? + Kurzfilm Glück hat viele Gesichter
2009In a Foreign Land – a center for asylum seekers and the village where it stands
   [Schi Lunsch Naven
2009Jesus I am yours forever – My God, your God, no God (serial)
   [Jesus i ha di megagärn
2009The global zoo – Wedding agencies for wild animals
   [Der globale Zoo
2008Tell by Volker Hesse – a film essay
   [Volker Hesse inszeniert Tell – ein Essai
2007The Tschanun massacre in Zürich – Why the head of the architecture department shot four of his employees
   [Die Bluttat im Zürcher Bauamt
2007End of the World in the World Theatre – Einsiedeln plays the fool
   [Weltuntergang im Welttheater
2007The Power That Comes From Pain – Portrait for the 60th birthday of Gypsi-writer Mariella Mehr
   [Die Kraft aus Wut und Schmerz
2006Animals as Therapeuts – a rest home fort he elderly tries out new ways
   [Tiere als Therapeuten
2005Lars Müller- Portrait of the designer – serial DesignSuisse
   [Lars Müller Portrait
2005The Health Crisis – Does more medical care lead to more health?
   [Die Gesundheitskrise
2005Sri Lanka one year after the Tsunami
   [Sri Lanka ein Jahr nach dem Tsunami
2005Antonia lässt losthe last year in the life of a corageous woman   
2004A better way of dying – what is still posible when nothing is posible anymore
   [Besser Sterben
2003Flucht aus Sri Lanka – 20 Jahre späterTwo brothers, two worlds   
2002A hard living – farming in the Alps and the Andes
   [Scarnuz Peruan – Das harte Brot der Berge
2001Children of the future – How to learn languages in Switzerland
2001Animal Hospital (serial)
   [Tierspital (Serie)
2000Dragica Rajčić– writer – Portrait of the writer
   [Dragica Rajčić
2000Switzerland-Kosov@ Round Trip – of soldiers, returning refugees and Swiss cows
   [Schweiz-Kosov@ retour
2000World Theatre-Crazy scenes in the Cloister village
   [Welttheater - Wahnwitzige Szenen im Klosterdorf
1999Mariella Mehr, portrait of the writer
   [Mariella Mehr
– Schriftstellerinnenportrait (Serie LiteraTour de Suisse)]
1999Children's Hospital (serial,producer and co-author)
   [Kinderspital Serie
1999Portrait of the writer Thomas Hürlimann – (Serial LiteraTourdeSuisse)
   [Thomas Hürlimann
1999The Long Way to the Light - die Bräute Jesu – behind the walls of the Müstair monastery
   [Die Bräute Jesu (deutsch) / Seguir la glüm (romanisch)
1998Our Most Hated Citizens or Undesired and Unpolular – Kosovo-Albanians in Switzerland
   [Unerwünscht und Unbeliebt
1998Voices from Inside the Labyrinth – Prison encounters of another kind
   [Aus dem Innern des Labyrinths
1997Travelling With Fox And Cat – A Portrait of Paul Parin and Goldy Parin Matthey
   [Mit Fuchs und Katz auf Reisen
1997Home to a Land Divided by Itself
   [Heimkehr ins zerrissene Land
– Bosnienrückkehrer]
1997One Hears Well Only with the Heart – Portrait of Pater Silvio
   [Man hört nur mit dem Herzen gut - Tedlar cul cor
1996Paradise Found – The second Life of Heidi K.
   [Geteiltes Glück
1995three weeks in the can – Daily life in a high security prison
   [Drei Wochen im Knast
1995Home or Hell
   [Heimat oder Hölle
– Chronik eines Quartiers im Umbruch]
1994A Womans Place – A swiss farmer visits a Bhutan valley where women are said to have more power than men
   [Das Tal der Frauen
1994Seniors in Love
   [Lust auf Liebe im Alter
1994Der Wundercomputer   
1993Cuba Quasi Libre – Swiss women between dream and trauma
   [Kuba quasi libre
1993Confronting Fear – A videoessay
   [Der Angst begegnen
1992The Crazy Telephone – loving, living and loosing on the line
   [Telefon 156
1991Black Dream of Paradise – Waiting for the new South Africa
   [Schwarzer Traum vom Paradies
1991Homeless – a „patriotic“ film for Switzerlands anniversary
1990God has 25 Names – Swiss missionaries in Zimbabwe
   [Gott hat 25 Namen
1989Namibia – Two Women, One Land, One History
   [Namibia: zwei Frauen, ein Land, eine Geschichte
1988Leap Day – the terrible blood deed of Gunther Tschanun...
1986Beyond the Open Road – Mariella Mehr - her life, her files and a theatre play
   [Jenseits der Landstrasse
1984Escape from Paradise – tamils in Switzerland and in Sri Lanka
   [Flucht aus dem Paradies
1983Supermarket of Sex
   [Supermarkt der Sexualität
1982Once Raped, Twice Humiliated
   [Einmal vergewaltigt, mehrfach gedemütigt
1980Here I have learnt that women can be humans too – a week in the house for battered women
   [Hier habe ich gelernt, dass eine Frau auch ein Mensch sein kann
1979Returning Home to Southern Italy
   [Heimkehr nach Süditalien
– Migrationsgeschichten]