The Tschanun massacre in Zürich

Why the head of the architecture department shot four of his employees

[ original title:  Die Bluttat im Zürcher Bauamt ]

Switzerland 2007, video, colour, 35 min.


Short version oft he film "leap day" of 1988 with some new material

On april 16, 1986 the head oft he Zürich public construction autority enters the building where he works and shoots in four offices four of his closest collaborators in the head. A fifth man is heavily wounded. He disapears before the police comes. Why did Günther Tschanun kill so brutally . Wha brought the 45-year-old archetect to such an incredible comportment? The trial, which takes place on the 29. February of 1988, a leap day, gives some clues.

The offender is free today and never comitted another crime. The film tells, what his deed meant tot he families and the collaborators oft he victims. But it also tells a story of inability and mobbing in the public service.

DirectorMarianne Pletscher
ScriptMarianne Pletscher
PhotographyWerner Schneider
SoundJörg Ziegler
EditingSusanne Wallimann
MusicRuth Bieri
Duration35 min.
Versionsschweizerdeutsch (SRF) hochdeutsch 3sat)
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Marianne Pletscher
ProductionSchweizer Fernsehen SRF
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Fernsehstrasse 1-4, 8052 Zürich
Tel.+41 44 305 69 69 – Fax +41 44 305 69 70
TV broadcasts23.7.2007 und anschliessend vier Mal im Schweizer Fernsehen und in 3sat
LiteratureJournal21 zu Tschanun

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