The Health Crisis

Does more medical care lead to more health?

[ original title:  Die Gesundheitskrise ]

Switzerland 2005, Beta SP, colour, 52 min.

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Everybody talks about saving money in the health system, and yet the premiums people have to pay rise and rise. Why do people not begin to chance their owen behaviour instead of always shifting the blame on others, asked filmmaker Marianne Pletscher. She found interesting lateral thinkers who came up with new ideas on how to save money and she collected histories of patients, who do not want everything high tech medecin is offering.

In the center oft he film is a very special regional Hospital whose heas physician and phychotherapeut are putting the human being in the center of their care without neglecting academic medicin. Their patients learnt together with them that looking fort he real reason of an illness can save a lot of money.

The film is not looking for culprits, but it shows that everybody can help saving costs in the health system and that the health crisis could be a chance for a rethinking. The film was highly controversial and causes a parliamentary debate

DirectorMarianne Pletscher
ScriptMarianne Pletscher
PhotographyWerner Schneider
SoundJörg Ziegler
EditingPamela Myson
Duration52 min.
FormatBeta SP
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TV broadcasts19. 9. 2005 um 22.20 auf SF 1 in DOK
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