Lars Müller- Portrait of the designer

serial DesignSuisse

[ original title:  Lars Müller Portrait ]

Switzerland 2005, Beta SP, colour, 13 min.

Lars Müller Portrait_1 

The cloister village of Einsiedeln, located in the Swiss Alps, has been theatre-crazed for centuries. For 80 years they’ve regularly performed the “Great World Theatre” by Calderon de la Barca. In the past it used to be solemn and pious – now a modern writer and a modern director have rewritten the play. Their team continues to work with Calderon’s characters. But the World has changed and is threatened by an apocalypse. More than 500 lay actors and helpers are committed to the play with all their energy; a play which slashes out at religious mass delusions and condemns man’s superficiality and greed for profit in face of the impending apocalypse. All this takes place before the backdrop of the largest Baroque church in Switzerland and is full of black humour and playful madness.Marianne Pletscher achieves in her documentary that wie learn about how an old play is turned into a work that applies to modern society and can attract modern viewers. And at the same time through the stunning documentary with a wonderful camera we get to know the crazy people from Einsiedeln, that give all their time and energy to play in front of the large church, especially a physician, a florist, a padre, and a group of children.

DirectorMarianne Pletscher
ScriptMarianne Pletscher
PhotographyWerner Schneider
SoundJörg Ziegler; Pete Greub
EditingMirjam Krakenberger
MusicNik Bärtsch
Duration13 min.
FormatBeta SP
Versionsdeutsch, französisch, italienisch
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