Jesus I am yours forever

My God, your God, no God (serial)

[ original title:  Jesus i ha di megagärn ]

Switzerland 2009, Digi-Beta, DVD, colour, 25 min.

Jesus i ha di megagärn_1 Jesus i ha di megagärn_2 

Evangelical christians in free churches are in permanent contact with Jesus.

The bible, which they mostly interpret literally, leads them through their days.

This film portrays the 22-year-old Simone, a active member oft a young church led by a charismatic pastor.

It also portrays the Baumanns, a couple of a traditional baptist church.

Are these non state-affiliated churches, which are growing very rapidly in Switzerland like elsewhere in the world, a contrast program to the loneliness of modern times?

Their church services are more events than contemplation. They seem modern formally, but they are very conservative, believe in the devil,don’t allow sex before marriage and are very sceptical towards the theory of evolution.

DirectorMarianne Pletscher
ScriptMarianne Pletscher
PhotographyPhilippe Schnyder
SoundThorsten Goddon
EditingHeinz Tobler
Duration25 min.
FormatDigi-Beta, DVD
Sales DVD/Video For educational or commercial use
Telepool GmbH Filmvertrieb
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+41 44 305 69 69 – Fax: +41 44 305 69 70
Marianne Pletscher
ProductionSternstunde Religion SRF
World RightsTelepool, Schweizer Fernsehen SF, Postfach, 8052 Zürich Tel +41 44 305 69 69
World SalesTelepool, Schweizer Fernsehen SF, Postfach, 8052 Zürich Tel +41 44 305 69 69
TV broadcasts30.8., 10.00 Sternstunde, Schweizer Fernsehen, ca 5 Wiederholungen bis 2011